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Valencia Oranges
Make it Deluxe!
Add $9.95 per package and
we will include a ½ lb. box
of chocolate dipped coconut
patties, an 8 oz. jar of orange
marmalade, and an 8 oz.
jar of Orange Blossom Honey!
Sweet and very juicy, medium to large in size, also call “The Juice Orange”.
VAH 1/2 TRAY $19.95
VA1 1 TRAY $24.95
VA2 2 TRAYS $34.95
VA3 3 TRAYS $44.95
VA4 4 TRAYS $54.95
Item #                              Price
Choose a package:
Make it Deluxe!
(plus $9.95)
Choose a variety:
or Deluxe #2 !
(plus $11.95)
Deluxe option not
available for half tray.
or Deluxe #2 !
Add $11.95 per package and
we will include: a 4 ounce
Tortuga Orange Rum Cake,
7 ounce Old Florida Treats  
Salt Water Taffy and a 2.75
ounce Gourmet Pecan Roll!