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Red Navels
Item #                             Price
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Or Deluxe #2:
(plus $11.95)
Make it Deluxe!
(plus $9.95)
Red Navels may look like an ordinary navel on the outside, but inside
this seedless orange is a ruby red center of sweetness.  With just one
taste you will fall in love with the unique flavor of the Red Navel which
may change the way you look at navels forever.  Supplies may be limited
so order early for yourself, family and friends.
Late November - Early January
or Deluxe #2 !
Add $11.95 per package and
we will include: a 4 ounce
Tortuga Orange Rum Cake,
7 ounce Old Florida Treats  
Salt Water Taffy and a 2.75
ounce Gourmet Pecan Roll!  
Deluxe option not
available for half tray.
   Out of Season